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Treatments for Men

Waxing Treatments

Men Waxing - Arms Half Arm - $25.00 Full Arm - (includes hands and knuckles) $50.00 Armpit - $15 Hands (includes knuckles) Men waxing - Legs Full Leg  (including feet and toes) $70 Half Leg $25 Feet (includes toes) $15 Men’s Waxing - Torso Neck (back of the neck) $10.00 Collar (front of the neck and above clavicles) $10.00 Shoulders $30.00 Full Back and shoulders- $70 Chest - $70 Full Stomach $25.00 Men’s Waxing Genitals Bum (around the anus) $25.00 Butt (hair on top of bum and anus) $45.00 Balls (scrotum) $35 Speedo line (the groin and a little down leg) $40 Bum and Sack (perianal , scrotum ) $65 Brazilian Wax Brazilian Natural (buttocks, perianal, scrotum, and private part) $85 Full Body Wax (including Brazilian) $270 Men’s Waxing - Face Lash Tint $20.00 Brow Tint $20.00 Brow and Lash tint $35 Eye Brow Waxing $15 Ears $15.00 Nose $15.00 Shaving I don’t provide sorry
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Waxing for  Men