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 Thermasoft Gloves

New Treatment

The thermasoft treatment is a self contained heat therapy for the hand and the  feet. What makes this thermasoft treatment so special? ● The heat lasts for up to ONE HOUR—9 times as long as a paraffin dip treatment  ● The treatments are single use—nothing to clean or store ● Activating a treatment is as simple as pouring a glass of water, and is just as fast ● All you need is lukewarm water NO electricity, NO equipment, NO hassle  It contains Soyaffin, an all natural, petroleum free conditioning serum, that activates with heat to give gorgeous, silky skin. THE BENEFITS RELAXING Thermasoft’s powerful, long lasting heat lets your muscles and your mind unwind. •Relaxes muscles and joints  •Soothes aches and pains •Reduces stress Increases flexibility •Perfect for arthritis, carpal tunnel, poor circulation REVITALIZING The heat doesn’t just feel wonderful. Thermasoft’s therapeutic warmth helps your skin to recharge from within. •Increases blood flow •Opens pores to allow Soyaffin to penetrate deep into skin •Draws toxins out of the body •Naturally promotes cellular repair Causes skin to create its own moisture RENEWING The benefits of Soyaffin Serum: •100% Natural •Not a paraffin—no petroleum or oil •Bonds with skin to give lasting protection •Blocks air and repels water to keep skin protected • Activates with the mitt’s heat to increase its effectiveness by 200% For Hands Stand alone treatment - $40 - $50 Add on to any other existing service - $20 - $25
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Therma soft Gloves