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My Friend told me about this awesome massage treatment that he had, which was the candle massage. He told me about ebonyandivorybt4u and advised me that its a home based and if I had no issue with that then he would recommend that I go, So I called Johanna up and arranged appointment. When I got to her home, soft music was playing in the background and scented candles, and essential oils burning on the burner. As soon as my body was on that massage bed, I was gone. I was so relaxed, for that moment all my problem i.e office, home, bills was gone. She’s is very friendly and we had a good conversation. I must say she has a sexy accent. Worth going. Rate service: 10/10 Therapist: Excellent Service. Allex ********************************************** I had a package treatment that was amazing, I had a pamper package for men, and it was something that I truly needed. Through out the whole treatment she made sure I was warm and if the pressure of the massage was okay for me. She went through a list of things I should be doing to look after my skin, We spoke about different skin care for men and how important it is for men to take care of themselves. It is great to see a therapist that offers treatments to men not many places do, I don’t have a favourite part or favourite treatment. I enjoyed all of it and will be back again in December. Rate Service: Wonderful. Paul *********************************************** Excellent, Can’t wait to visit soon I was very happy with the service provided as I was fully stressed with business worries, Johanna understood and made me feel comfortable and at ease straight away. Great massage and I selected the candle massage, which I have to say was very relaxing. Warm and Friendly, Do yourself a favour and book a session today!! M - 17th December 2013 *********************************************** Arranged an appointment with Johanna for the first time and had a full body scrub and hot candle/oil massage. Johanna’s fun, caring and endearing nature made the whole appointment incredibly relaxing and stimulating experience all the same time. Johanna attention to making you feel comfortable at all times ensures i’ll be back soonto try oiutanother appealing treatments. Kind Regards Rom. October 2014 *********************************************** I booked a body scrub and candle massage double, Johanna put me at ease straight away. I have had a number of massages and treatments and this is definitely one time I felt really comfortable. Both the scrub and massage were wonderful. Unlike a lot of places and treatments this did not feel rushed, it did not feel like it was a formula. Even the music was different to normal experience but it did not feel out of place.I would recommend it to anyone. Rate service : Awesome, recommend to anyone. Tony, 2014