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Specials & Opening Times



Massage $75 - 1hr or $100 - 90mins


Brazilian Wax - $70

Spa Treatments

Dry body brush Ex-foliation 30mins Warm Candle massage 30mins 1hr - $90 If you would like to make appointment remember that you can call, Text. The number can be found on the contact page and other pages through out the website. All products are organic and not tested on animal's If you would like more information please email or text or call me, If I can not answer your call you are best to text me

Opening Times

May 15th - 10am til 5pm

May 16th - 10am til 2pm May 17th - 10am til 1pm May 18th - 11am til 7pm May 19th - 1pm til 4pm May 20th - 10am til 4pm May 21st - Closed May 22nd - Closed May 23rd - 10am til 4pm May 24th - 10am til 4pm May 25th - 10am til 7pm May 26th - Closed May 27th - 10am til 4pm May 28th - Closed May 29th - Closed May 30th - 10am til 4pm May 31st - 10am til 1pm June June 1st - 10am til 7pm June 2nd - 10am til 4pm June 3rd - 10am til 4pm June 4th - Closed June 5th - Closed June 6th - Closed June 7th - Closed June 8th - 10am til 7pm June 9th - 10am til 4pm June 10th - 10am til 4pm June 11th - Closed June 12th - Closed June 13th - Closed June 14th - 10am til 1pm June 15th - 10am til 7pm June 16th - Closed June 17th - Closed June 18th - Closed
Email: ebonyandivorybt4u@gmail.com Contact: Johanna Based: Ultimo Phone: 0468 422 163
Phone: 0468 422 163
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Please keep in mind that am not always available so please make sure that you arrange an appointment in advanced
Thank you
Specials and Opening times