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Price List

Spa Days

Happy Feet 1hr & 30 mins - 30mins Foot Scrub, 30mins Foot masks, Steam and hot towel and 30mins foot massage reflexology $150.00 Spoil Me 1hr and 45mins - 15mins hand scrub {removed with a warm towel}, 15mins hands massage {warm oil} 1hr candle massage {warm oil drizzle on your body} and 15mins foot scrub and foot massage $180 Time too losen up 3hrs and 30mins - 30mins Foot scrub {removed with a warm towel}, 30mins Foot masks {covered with plastic and wrapped with a towel} 30mins relaxing foot massage {warm oil} and 1hr and 30mins candle massage {warm oil drizzled over the body} 15mins facial scrub {includes the neck} {removed with a warm towel} 15mins facial mask {left on for 5mins and removed with a warm towel} $450 Hide & Seek 2hrs & 30mins - 30mins Body Scrub {Exfoliate the skin leaving the skin feeling refreshed and soft, 30mins Body wrap {the body wrap has green tea and the essential oils of jasmine removes the impunities and dead cells making the skin feel energised, 15mins to put on and 15mins to leave on} 1hr and 30mins Bambu massage {warm} or Candle massage {warm oil} $240 A little piece of heaven 2hrs - 1hr Choose three areas that you would like to have waxed, 1hr Deluxe Facial Treatment {skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation face and decolletes followed by a facial mask and moisturised} $250.00

Massage Treatments

Hot Stone Massage 1hr $120.00 Candle massage 1hr $85.00 Aromatherapy 1hr $85.00 Foot massage Reflexology 45mins $95.00 Indian Head Massage 30min $65.00 Lava Bamboo 1hr & 30mins $120.00 Treatments for Men Half arm $25.00 Full arm {includes hands and Knuckles} $50.00 Armpits $15.00 Full Leg (including feets and toes $70.00 Half Leg $25.00 Feet {includes toes} $15.00 Neck {back of the necK} $10.00 Collar {Front of the neck and above clavicles} $10.00 Full back and shoulders $70.00 Shoulders $30.00 Chest $70.00 Full Stomach $25.00 Bum {around the anus} $25.00 Butt {hair on top of bum and anus} $45.00 Balls {Scotum} $35.00 Speedo line {the groin and a little down leg} $40.00 Bum and Sack {perianal, scrotum} $65.00 Brazilian Natural {buttocks, perianal, scotum and private part} $85.00 Full body wax {including Brazilian} $270.00 Men’s waxing & Tinting Face Lash tint $20.00 Brow Tint $20.00 Brow and lash tint $35.00 Eye brow waxing $15.00 Nose $15.00

Treament packages for women

Peace & Harmony, 3hrs & 15min $340.00 Heavenly Indulgence, 2hrs $180.00 Winter Escape , 2hrs $175.00 Happy Feet, 1hr & 30mins $155.00

Indivdual Treatments For Men & Women

Full Body Scrub 1hr $100.00 Full Body Scrub, salt glow 1hr $110.00 Delicate Facial Cleanser, 35mins $45.00 Detoxifying Clay Masks 30mins $55.00 Full Body Mask 1hr $120.00 Dry Body Brushing, Body Wrap & Moisturising $130.00 Full Body scrub, Body mask and wrap & massage $160.00 Facial & back scrub $129.00

Women’s Waxing

Eye brow $15.00 Lip & Chin $10.00 Half Arm $25.00 Full Arm $35.00 Full leg $50.00 Half a Leg $30.00 Under Arm $25.00 Lip $20.00 Chin $20.00 Upper leg & Bikini $50.00 Full leg & Bikini $60.00 Eye brow, lip, chin $45.00

More treatments to come

$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
1hr and 50mins - 1hr full body Aromatherapy Massage {have a blend of essential oils made up for you}, 30mins hand and massage {15 mins scrub and 15mins oil massage then removed a warm towel}
Sensual Feeling - $190
Packages for Women - Busy mum and new mum’s Peace & Harmony 3hrs and 15mins {details} 60mins Hot stone Massage, 15mins Scalp massage, 60mins Deluxe Facial Massage, 30mins foot scrub, mask, steam and a hot towel, 30mins foot massage. This treatment includes a light lunch and drink Heavenly Indulgence 2hrs {details} 60mins Green Clay mask, Body Wrap (green clay placed on your body using a body brush, wrapped up in a warm cocoon, with a choice of music in the back ground, your just relaxed with your own thoughts, 30mins to put on the clay and 30mins to leave it on) After the 60 mins you can either take a shower or have warm towels placed on you to remove the clay, followed by warm oil massage which is done using a candle massage which contains shea butter and essential oils, so don’t worry its not a real candle. Winter Escape 2hrs {details} 45mins full body scrub, 45mins Hands and Feet Massage and 60mins Lava bambu Massage