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Massage Hot Stones Massage Heat the basalt stones, Once the stones are at the right temperature, I will use the hot  stones in your massage. Full body - 60mins - $100 / 90mins - $130  30mins - $80 (hot stones back only) Aromatherapy We blend the oils to suit your mood. When you are comfortable on the massage bed, we  will then begin your session, you can choose from having a relaxing massage to  a massage  where you want me to undo your knots.  At the end of it you will feel relaxed and fulfilled. 30mins - $45/ 60mins - $85 / 90mins - $115  Candle Massage This is not a regular candle that we use its a special candle that already has the oil  embedded in their already, Once you have chosen the kind of massage oil you want  I will then light the candle for a few minutes, When I return I will slowly  pour the warm oil on  your back and begin my massage treatment, You must state if you want a relaxing  massage  or a massage where you want me to be firm. 30mins - $50 / 60mins - $85 / 90mins - $120  Foot Massage (Reflexology) Have a relaxing massage on your feet, Think about it all that walking that you do or all  that standing that you do day in and day out. Ur feet needs a good pampering. Our feet  represents certain parts of our body. 30mins - $50 / 45mins - $95    Indian Head Massage The Indian head massage originate in Indian over 1,000 years ago it began as a way of  keeping the hair in good condition, it is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda This form of massage works on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck and scalp,  ears and face, Indian head massage can be used to: relieve insomnia, relax muscles, boost  the immune system and many more. 30mins: $65  Scalp Massage Have your scalp massaged it can be quite relaxing having your scalp massaged, it  stimulating the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin. Also reduces stress. And stimulates the hair follicles.  This treatment is a great to have at the end of your treatments or by its self. You can have it done with oil or with out the choice is yours. 26mins:$28
Email: ebonyandivorybt4u@gmail.com Contact: Johanna Based: Ultimo Phone: 0468 422 163
Phone: 0468 422 163
Lava Bambu is the world’s first naturally self-heating bamboo massage tool designed to allow an amazing treatment and have the ability to add heat into the massage. Lava Bambu massage is a technique that not only makes use of a renewable and sustainable resource, but also connects us to ancient approaches. Made from 100% authentic Black Natural and Speckled Bamboo, each stalk is sustainably harvested in South China for its unique combination of strength and flexibility, creating a beautiful implement for deep and effective massage therapy. Lava Bambu massage is advantageous in promoting circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic draining while providing a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Benefit of using heat in massage · Improves the circulation, lymphatic system, general function of organs · Deeply relaxes the client – 10 times more relaxation than a normal massage · Deeper massage – the heat allows a deeper therapy in a shorter amount of time Benefits of using Lava Bambu in massage · Provides a deep and effective warming massage without the use of electricity · Reduces stress and strain to the masseuse's hands during deep tissue work 1hr $85/ 1hr & 30mins $120
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